Our Sponsors

Special Olympics Nova Scotia’s partners are the foundation of our success. Supporting over 1500 athletes and several hundred volunteers takes more than a small staff of four can provide. It is through the financial, volunteer and public support of the following partners that our athletes and volunteers are realizing success in a local, national and international scope.

Funding Partner

The Department of Health and Wellness

The Department of Health and Wellness was created in February 2006, the and is responsible for responding to emerging public health threats, preventing chronic disease and injury, and promoting health among Nova Scotians. Its role spans all aspects of public health, physical activity, sport and recreation, addiction services and volunteerism. Special Olympics receives it largest single funding donation through the Department of Health and Wellness each year to ensure we are able to continue offering sport and recreation opportunities to our athletes and ensure healthier citizens.

Founding Partner

Michelin North America

Michelin was designated as the founding partner of Special Olympics.  In 2017 we celebrated 30 years of continuous support of our athletes. Beginning with financial and staff support of our provincial summer games, the past 30 years has seen their support grow to include the largest school based awareness program helping us spread the word of  acceptance to our youth.  They are also proud partners to our Special Olympics Festival that happens each January.

Official Media Partner


CTV Atlantic demonstrates a strong commitment to the community, contributing funding, resources and time to a large number of community and regional charitable organizations, particularly those supporting children. Special Olympics has seen this support reach into all of our major fundraising initiatives as well as providing employee volunteer support.  We are proud to have Ana Almeida as a member of Provincial Board of Directors and the entire CTV team as supporters and friends.

Provincial Partners

The Edwards Family Charitable Foundation

The Edwards Family Charitable Foundation was created in 1980 as a living tribute to the late Ernest B. and Delia (Bridget R.) Edwards and their family. Its purpose is to honour and perpetuate the genuine concern and sense of caring that the Edwards family shares for the communities in which they lived and did business. Since its inception, the focus of the Foundation has been to assist the less fortunate, with particular emphasis on the needs of disadvantaged children. Over the years, the Foundation has given its support to many special projects and causes, primarily in Nova Scotia including Special Olympics Nova Scotia. In 2010 Special Olympics was proud to rename a portion of their Summer Games to reflect this support. The Edwards Family Charitable Foundation Athletics Competition takes place each summer and sees over 160 athletes take part as a portion of the larger Special Olympics Provincial Summer Games. In the year 2011, The Edwards Family Charitable Foundation celebrated 20 years and $119,000 of continued support to our Organization.

Law Enforcement Torch Run

Law Enforcement Torch Run, or LETR as it is commonly abbreviated, is run by Police Officers, RCMO, Sheriff’s Deputies, support staff, police volunteers and other law enforcement professionals from around the world. Similar in many ways to the Olympic Torch Relay, the Law Enforcement Torch Run consists of scheduled relay events, usually held in conjunction and coordination with Special Olympics functions (like the Special Olympics Summer and Winter Games. Locally the LETR has provided volunteer and financial support though such initiatives as the former Halifax Police Chase, the Truck Convoy for Special Olympics, and most recently the Halifax Polar Plunge. . A proud partner and valued supporter internationally.

The Canadian Progress Club

The Canadian Progress Club – Halifax has been a new partner on a local level donating to support such great initiatives as the Golf Tournament at the Provincial summer games as well as the being the leading supporting partner in the new Play Unified Program.  The Canadian Progress Club –  Halifax was the founding partner of our pilot year in the AVRSB and has continued their support into 2018 as we expand into other schools across the province. From just one program in 2016,  we are now proud to say that approximately 20 schools have joined the Unified movement.

The Knights of Columbus

The Knights of Columbus show their support to our volunteers and athletes in many ways. As the host of the HRM Regional Track event the KOC members have continuously shown their dedication to the many athletes within their community. As contributors to the annual transport fund for our regions and recently the host of the first Basketball camp in Sydney, Cape Breton, the

National Partners

Special Olympics is proud to have the support of many national partners who work with all our programs and athletes across Canada. Many are long standing, while others are new. However, all embrace the power of Special Olympics at work and at play. Thank you for embracing our community, making it a more cohesive environment for all.

National Parnters Feb 2017