What is Special Olympics?

Special Olympics is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing year-round sports training and athletic competition in a variety of Olympic-type sports for children and adults with an intellectual disability.

How is it different from the Paralympics?

Special Olympics and Paralympics are two separate and distinct organizations. Special Olympics is unique in providing sports opportunities for individuals with different levels of intellectual disabilities. Paralympics provides sports opportunities for elite athletes with a physical handicap.

Who can participate?

Special Olympics is open to every intellectually disabled person, regardless of the level or degree of that person’s disability, and whether or not that person also has other physical disabilities.

What impact does Special Olympics have on athletes?

Children and adults with an intellectual disability who participate in Special Olympics develop improved physical fitness and motor skills, greater self-confidence and a more positive self-image. They improve physically, mentally and socially. Overall, participants make new friends and discover new abilities and skills that will serve them well in day-to-day life.

What ages are eligible?

Special Olympics Nova Scotia offers programming for individuals with intellectual disabilities starting from the age of 2 yrs old.  Special Olympics Nova Scotia offers youth program for youth aged 2 to 12, which focuses on structured play and introduction to games, teams, competitions and socialization. To learn more, go to our Youth Development page.

What sports are offered in Nova Scotia?

There is a range of Sports offered throughout Nova Scotia. The choices vary from region to region. The full list of official sports includes:

Please contact us to find out which sports are available in your community.

How do I register someone to participate?

Contact a Special Olympics Nova Scotia staff member or visit the Our Regions page for a contact in your area. They will give you all of the information you need and can put you in touch with resource people in your community.

How can I make a donation to Special Olympics?

Check out our Ways to Give section and learn about how to donate, sponsor, become a partner.

Cheque donates can be made out to Special Olympics Nova Scotia and mailed directly to our office: 100-371 St. Margarets Bay Road, Halifax, NS B3N 1J8

We accept credit card payments from Visa and Master Card only. To phone in a donation, please contact Mark Landry @ (902) 429-2266 x 4