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Become a Volunteer - Special Olympics NS

Special Olympics Nova Scotia is dedicated to enriching the lives of Nova Scotians with an intellectual disability – through sport. We are a not-for-profit, grassroots organization that provides sport training and competition opportunities for athletes of all ages and abilities.

Volunteers play a major role within our organization.

The Provincial body of Special Olympics is serviced by a full time staff of three and over 500 volunteers province-wide. Volunteers are the key to our success and come in many forms. We have positions that range from one-time event-based to weekly training and support positions.

If you have an interest, we have a position. For more information on volunteer opportunities offered in your community visit Our Regions to see the contacts in your community or contact Matt Quinn, Director of Sports & Programs at or (902) 429-2266 x 2.

Here is a sample of how your kindness can help our organization in terms of volunteerism. Within our organization we have the following positions available:


All coaches must complete a volunteer application as well as complete a child abuse registry form and police check (from the local committee). Become a Coach.

Program Volunteers

All program volunteers help in the delivery of regional programs.  They assist coaching staffs in the delivery of sport/reginoal programs and must follow the step-by-step onboarding process.

Volunteer On-Boarding Process:

  • Step 1: Volunteer contacts Chapter/Local Program
  • Step 2: Chapter/Local Program representative meets w/ volunteer for screening/placement purposes (in-person/phone) and checks their references.
  • Step 3: Volunteer completes Safe Sport Training
  • Step 4: Volunteer submits Police Record & Vulnerable Sectors Check as well as a Child Abuse Registry 
    • NOTE: A PRC  that has been completed within the last 12 months may be used for the volunteer
  • Step 5: Volunteer is assigned to a program
  • Step 6: Volunteer attends Chapter/Local Program orientation event (if applicable)
  • Step 7: Volunteer starts with program

Board of Directors

Special Olympics Nova Scotia is governed by a volunteer Board of Directors. The main purpose is oversight of our organizational mission and to assist in raising funds for financial sustainability. Members are nominated and the slate of officers are voted on at the Fall Annual General Meeting following an interview with our Nominating Chair. The Board of Directors typically meet six times per year.

Interested members are encouraged to please contact the Past Chair or:
Michael Greek (CEO) – (902) 429-2266 x 1

Regional Committee

Across the province, Special Olympics grass-roots programs are organizaed, supported and delivered by a Regional Committee. Within this committee are positions including Regional Coordinator, Treasurer, Fundraising, Sport Development, Screening Officer, Registrar, or Member at Large. All regional committee volunteers must complete a volunteer application. This process icludes completion of the “Safe Sport” online training, as well as a completing a child abuse registry form and police check (forms available from the local committee or by contacting your local law enforement agency). We recognize the time and effort needed to complete these requirements, but they are in place to protect both volunteers and of course our Special Olympics athletes.

To find a Regional Coordinator and learn more about these positions in your community please contact:
Matt Quinn (Director of Sports & Programs) – – (902) 429-2266 x 2

Event Based

Each year, Special Olympics NS and our Regions, host events that require the assistance of the general public for a few hours or a few days. These volunteers can assist with Provincial or Regional Games, fundraisers or public awareness campaigns. Some event based volunteers may be required to complete a volunteer form. This will be done at the time of registering for such events.

If you have any other questions, please contact:
Krista Wadman (Director of Events, Communications  & Youth Sport) – (902) 429-2266 x 4

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