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Cobequid Swim Meet

May 7, 2017 @ 9:00 am - 5:00 pm


May 7, 2017

Cobequid Special Olympics Swim Club

Truro, NS




Rath Eastlink Community Centre

625 Abenaki Road

Truro, Nova Scotia




POOL: 8 lane 25meter


WARM UP: 9:00 am


CONTACTS:                       Maura Hunter



E-MAIL ENTRYS TO:       Maura Hunter, maurahunter@hotmail.com

                   cc: Carla MacQuarrie  carla@atlanticwindowdecor.ca                                       (Please  be certain entries are sent to both of these contacts.)



ENTRY DEADLINE:        Teams must submit entries via email on Form Attached. A schedule of times and event numbers is attached for reference, but is subject to change based on entries. As a courtesy to those creating meet package, please enter athlete’s events in the order they will be swum!!!

Entries to be received no later than: Friday, April  28, 2016 @ 9:00 pm. Entries received will be acknowledged by email.


ENTRY FEES:                       $15.00 per swimmer, non refundable
Cheques to be made payable to (Cobequid Special Olympics) and should be delivered in the amount due prior to warm-up. Please no cash. Receipts will be given.
There will be a maximum of 4 individual events per swimmer.  Meet management reserves the right to restrict entries and change events, should event time exceed pool availability.


Deck entries are at the discretion of Meet Management and only to fill empty lanes. No substitutions accepted.


ELIGIBILITY:                       To compete in relay events swimmers must be entered in, and complete in at least one individual event. Out of Province SO entries are encouraged!


SEEDING:                            All events will be timed finals.  Swimmers will be seeded slowest to fastest. 25% rule will be used.  Accurate entry time rather than NT would be appreciated.


(If swimmers do not have an official time in a particular event, please estimate an entry time and put a * beside the time on the entry form)  If a swimmer requires an outside lane please put swimmers name in BOLD LETTERS and attach a note to entry form.


MEET RULES:                      FINA & SO rules will govern the meet. Please refer to Swim Nova Scotia COMPETITIONS RULES AND GUIDELINES (www.swimnovascotia.com) for further information.


Officials will DQ athletes as stipulated by rules. Explanations will be provided to coaches. Times for these swims will still be made available to coaches. It is hoped that the meet will serve as a learning forum for athletes preparing for provincial competition, June 16-18th!


PROGRAM:                           ·    FINA 1 start rule will be in effect

  • Relays can be mixed genders for this meet but mixed gender relay teams must be entered as male teams. (i.e.: Event #40, 42, 44)
  • 200 & 400m Free, 200 & 100m Fly, 200 & 100m Breast will be swum together. Swimmers may swim or the other. Split times available if requested.
  • Meet Management will initiate breaks as required.


AWARDS:                          Ribbons will be awarded and will be mailed to the team coaches.


WARM-UPS:                      FINA Warm-up procedures will be in effect.


SNACKS/ MEALS:            Teams should bring their own food, water and snacks . We will try and have some snacks available for teams that coaches can distribute as they wish.

                                              A canteen run by the RECC facility will be in operation and accessible to participants and spectators throughout the day.


SUPERVISION:                    Supervision of athletes while at the pool and between sessions is the responsibility of the legal guardian and/or the person(s) assigned by each of the participating teams for their athletes.  It is not the responsibility of the host club: Cobequid Special Olympics Swim Club.


ENTRY FORM:                      Please be certain to fill out all parts of the entry form, including mailing address for ribbons, special accommodations needed for specific athletes. Again, please enter your athlete’s events on the attached form in the order they will be swum!!!!


Should you wish splits for an athlete, please attach this specific request with the entry form.

















COACHES MEETING 9:15 AM                                        WARM UPS 9:00AM

Session #1: May 7th, 2014

Warm Up 9:00am   Start 9:40am

Female Event Male
1/3 400m/200m Free 2/4
5 25m Back 6
7 200m/100m Breast 8/10
11 50m Fly 12
13 25m Free 14
15 200m Back 16
17 25m Fly 18









100m IM 20
21 50m Back 22
23/25 200/100 Fly 24/26
27 50m Free 28
29 200 IM 30


31 25m Breast 32


33 100 Back 34
35 50m Breast 36
37 100 Free 38
39 4x25m Free Relay 40
41 4x50m Free Relay 42
43 4x50m MedlyRelay 44



  • Requests for official splits must be made to the meet management prior to the start of the meet.

(ie: if a swimmer is swimming a 100 or 200 free you can ask to get an official 50m split time. This way they do not have to swim the 50m event, but you will still have a time to help decide what events to enter at summer games. See note above.)



Athletes Requiring Special Accommodations

Name M/F Event Numbers Accommodations Needed





May 1, 2016

Hosted by

Cobequid Hornets Truro Swim Club




            Office use only

Date Received:

Invoice #

Amount Owing:

Amount Paid:

TEAM: _______________________________________________


CONACT NAME _______________________________________

PHONE No.____ ________________________________________

Email:____ _____________________________________________

Mailing Address (for ribbons)_______________________________




FEMALES  NAME                                      Put Event Number then Seed Time

Last, First # Seed # Seed # Seed # Seed



Put Event Number then Seed Time

Last, First # Seed # Seed # Seed # Seed


Relay cards will be given out


May 7, 2017
9:00 am - 5:00 pm


Rath Eastlink Community Centre
625 Abenaki Road
Truro, Nova Scotia Canada
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