Challenge Accepted Week 3 #SO2018 Countdown

Challenge Accepted ! Show us your picture in your 50th Anniversary Cap

Fans, Friends, Families and Athletes are you ready to celebrate the 50th Anniversary by accepting the first Challenge in Week 3 as we countdown to the National Summer Games (SO2018) in Antigonish?

Where you come in? Everyday our Athletes, Coaches and their Families organize to train on the field and prepare for their next challenge. On the 50th global anniversary of the Special Olympics Movement in July 2018 as we countdown to an exciting summer in Nova Scotia, we challenge our community to support and celebrate! Here are 5 challenges we encourage you to participate in.

Need some motivation? Check out the video for the Day of Inclusion July 21! Get ready to dance!


Challenge #1 : Take a selfie in Special Olympics Gear!

Do you have a Special Olympics 50th Anniversary hat or gear? Take a pic  and click the account to post it on our Instagram, Facebook or Twitter account with the hashtag #ChallengeAcceptedSOC!

Challenge Accepted SOC 50th Anniversary July 2018
Challenge Accepted SOC 50th Anniversary July 2018